About Us

About Us

The Sydney Roof Doctor has provided a wide range of services, including gutter cleaning and roofing services for over two decades, the Sydney roof doctor has lead a qualified and fully insured team of tradesman through the Sydney region. All our trade respect both your home and your time.

We understand that life can be stressful and very busy and house maintenance is the very last thing you have time for on your weekend .

The Sydney Roof Doctor can take care of the important tasks that are required to ensure your safety and prevent expensive up-keep on your home.

Our fully insured team stay up-to-date with all applicable OH&S certifications that are needed and take serious appropriate safety precautions such as wearing roof harnesses to keep our team and our clients safe – before, during, and even after our work is done.


We can assure you that we are very friendly and scrupulous clean and very prompt. We can provide an estimate cost over the phone and then a comprehensive quote on site. We offer to do the work without you having to be home if you choose.

At the Sydney Roof Doctor, we place the integrity of the work that we do above everything else.
That is why all of our technicians consistently to do our work properly.

Our promise is that you will be pleased when your job is complete if you required we can take photographic records of the gutters cleaned and other repairs completed if required. As a safe guard we are happy to set up a free reminder 6 month or 12 months reminder gutter maintenance programme.

All individuals that are interested in having The Sydney Roof Doctor take care of their home or building have the option to receive a free quote, so why delay? Our team is ready and willing to answer any calls and to take care of any questions or concerns that our customers might have about what we can do for them.
Call us now on 0419 162 112 for a free no obligation quote.