Whirly Birds Installed


We supply and install Colorbond Whirly Birds. Contact us to get a FREE QUOTE.10 YEAR WARRANTY.

Benefits of installing whirly birds include:

  • Reduces heat built up within the roof space
  • Reduces ceiling becoming hot and radiating heat into the home
  • Powered by wind, free to run
  • Saves on energy
  • Promotes fresh air circulation
  • Assist with roof dampness and mould problems





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  • Includes pick up, supply and installation
  • Waterproofing to all roofing installations
  • Higher charges apply for metal roofs
  • Licensed roofer
  • All insurances provided
  • Residential Jobs only. No commercial sites.
  • Conditions apply*

Whirly birds can be a homeowner’s or business owner’s best tool to cut down costs and stay comfortable.

These items play a vital role in air circulation within homes and buildings. Not only that, but when whirly birds and roof valleys are fitted it can help to cut down on the amount of moisture that fills the air within a home during the cooler months, which can in turn prevent the growth of mould and mildew. That can make one’s home safer and cleaner, and is especially helpful for those who have problems such as allergies or asthma.



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During the hot summer months and the cold winter months, it can seem like there is little that can be done to prevent high cooling and heating bills. However, that’s not the case. By working with a roofing professional, a homeowner or a business owner can find ways to cut their energy costs and stay cool, no matter what time of year it is.

sydney-roofing-whirly-bird whirly-birds-sydney-the-sydney-roof-doctor

Whirly birds help to reduce the amount of heat in a home during the summer months by venting out the warmer air, which has a tendency to rise, and by filtering in the cooler air from outdoors. Likewise, this same process pushes out damp air in the cooler months.

The Sydney Roof Doctor can install a whirly bird into a roof that does not have one already, or we can replace an old or damaged whirly bird and ensure that the replacement is in good working order. If you are interested in replacing an old whirly bird or in having a new one installed, call our professionals for an estimate of the cost or to schedule an appointment right away.

Our team always strives to provide the best quality service to customers throughout the Sydney metro area. We are always ready to help with all your roofing tasks.

Call us now to install or replace your Whirly Birds. Supplied and fitted from $285 each.

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*Higher charges apply for metal roofs. Residential Jobs only. No commercial sites.


*Please note, colour depictions will vary from screen monitor to actual product colour. The above representations are a guide only. For actual swatch colours, please see the the official Colorbond website: http://colorbond.com/colour